Keeping your grill in good shape

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Get mileage out of your grill by taking care of it. Here are a few tips to follow for general care.

a) Interior

Heat grill to searing temperatures before use then clean cooking grids with a good brush. Stainless Steel brush should not be used on Cast Iron cooking grids. Clean once again straight after use. Brass brush should be used for cast iron. 

Keep interior clean of any food drippings by using a brush to scrape of any residue stuck to burners and sear plates.

Keep your drip tray clean from any debris. This should be cleaned often to avoid flare ups.

See tip re seasoning your stainless steel or cast iron cooking grates

b) Exterior

Due to Malta climate it is important to take care of any stainless steel exposed to the elements. Keep away from building products, salt and chlorine or other products which contain chemicals. Wipe clean regularly (incl Winter) to avoid stare residue sitting on steel for a long time. Use Napoleon 10235 Grill Protector to shine and protect. WD40 can also be used to clean and maintain the exterior stainless steel surface.


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